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Grey Glacier Ice Hike

The Gray Glacier is the largest of all to which there is scheduled access on a regular basis. At present, this natural wonder of imposing dimensions and which constitutes the extreme of the Great Southern Ice Field of the continent, can be visited and admired in all its magnitude. In the Gray refuge sector, the guides will give an introductory talk, in which they will explain the route, the time the excursion will take, and will also test and adjust the equipment for each passenger.  Then, we will sail in a zodiac boat for 15 minutes to the west arm of Gray Glacier. Upon arrival, we disembark on the glacier island (nunatak) and begin to walk on it for about an hour until we reach the ice.  Before entering the glacier, the guide will give a safety talk, in which they will explain the techniques of moving on the ice and the correct use of the equipment.  Once the talk is over, we will begin our exploration of the Gray Glacier for 3 hours, during which time we will be able to observe cracks, rivers, lagoons and tunnels with their different shades of light blue.  After 3 hours on the glacier, we start our way back.


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to weather conditions.


  • 9 a.m. about.

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