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Base Towers

One of the best experiences to do in Chilean Patagonia is this trekking.  Base Torres is one of the most complete adventures in Torres del Paine, with a level 3 trekking for people with experience, you can enjoy an intense day full of emotions and with the best final prize that will be to have a shot with the Torres del Paine, activity that you can do all year.


Gray Glacier Trek

The Grey Glacier Ice Trek is part of the unmissable excursions in the Grey Glacier sector, after a few minutes of
navigation we will start a walk that will take us to walk on the imposing Grey Glacier, an adventure that you will not


Gray Lake Navigation

The navigation of Grey Lake is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful experiences in Torres del Paine. The tour in the boat will allow you to appreciate the majesty of this imposing glacier, we will enjoy an incredible navigation where
we can observe the most beautiful landscapes.


Kayaking on Gray Lake

Nothing more wonderful than enjoying a kayak trip through Lake Grey in this unique setting of icebergs that break off from the Gray Glacier. A unique and incomparable adventure, where you can enjoy the most spectacular approaches to the beautiful gray icebergs that float on this beautiful gray lake.


"W" Circuit

Be part of an ranch experience, live like a true Patagonian gaucho, wrap yourself in the passion of the Patagonian lands.

This Excursion gives you unique moments, horseback riding, trekking, in addition to the delicious unsurpassed meals of the area.

Los Cuernos H.jpg

Complete Circuit

The O Circuit, or also called Paine Grande Circuit, covers all the fantastic places of the famous W Circuit and then takes you to a higher level. This circuit adds all the wonders that the north side of the park has to offer so that you will have a full appreciation of Torres del Paine. With very few hikers, peace, calm and serenity are felt more than ever in the mountain breeze.


Photo Tour

Torres del Paine National Park, located about 150km north of Puerto Natales, in addition to it amazing geography, offers us its vegetation, composed of more than 274 species (including 9 orchids) and a varied fauna in which it is possible to spot more than 126 species of birds and 25 mammals.


Guido Hill Full Day

To get to know the authentic Patagonia, we combine some activities that are part of daily life in the countryside and will allow you to discover our landscapes, history and culture, as well as enjoy our delicious regional flavors.

In this beautiful tour we will enjoy beautiful landscapes to get to know in depth the vast territory of Estancia Cerro Guido.


Trekking cave paintings

The activity begins with a trip by vehicle to the vicinity of Portería Laguna Amarga or Portería Sarmiento. From here you follow a path through the "puma restaurant", an area where this feline hunts. The chances of seeing a puma during the day are very low, however we will find herds of guanacos grazing on both sides of the trail.

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