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Condors  from Patagonia

On the entire planet, there is no other place so accessible to see and photograph the world's largest flying bird.

During the tour you will be able to see loicas, caranchos, mora eagles, guanacos and rheas. After a short walk, you will arrive at the foot of the rock wall, a moving and serene landscape where condors sleep and fly.


Magdalena Island

The excursion to Magdalena Island takes about an hour, where you cross the mythical Strait of Magellan and have the opportunity to see Magellanic penguins and many other birds, as well as dolphins in the water.

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King Penguin

A voyage to the mythical Tierra del Fuego, where the history and the source of progress of this southern region are intertwined. A navigation through the Strait of Magellan connects us with the island.


Fuerte Bulnes

Fuerte Bulnes represents 100 years of local effort to conserve the natural and cultural heritage by several generations of inhabitants of the Strait.
It is located on a narrow and rocky peninsula of almost 4 kilometers long called Punta Santa Ana.
Its 250 hectares contain 2 National Historic Monuments, archaeological sites that indicate the human presence for thousands of years.

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Nao Victoria

The main collection of the museum are the life-size replicas of the historical ships exhibited on the shores of the Strait of Magellan, also on display are replicas of old weapons and navigation tools, copies of documents and books related to the historical ships and an open-air ship's carpentry workshop.


City Tour in Punta  Arenas

Tour around the city of Punta Arenas, capital of the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica. You will know our main streets and avenues. In Cerro Mirador we will have a panoramic view of the city, overlooking the port, the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego. We will continue our tour with the Plaza
de Armas and the Ovejero (Shepherd) Monument.


Humpback Whale

A journey to the first Marine Park of Chile "Francisco Coloane" in search of the majestic humpback whales.
Start a unique journey, which in one day, allows you to reach the Francisco Coloane Park, whose main attraction is the sighting of humpback whales.

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Kayak Fresh Water

Half day kayaking in Agua Fresca Bay, 27 kilometers south of Punta Arenas, in a natural environment, with beach edge, forest coast and hill, with important kelp forests. High possibility of seeing marine fauna, as well as a great diversity of birds. Normally we first navigate in a small river at the edge of the strait to get used to the kayak and then we move on to the Strait of Magellan in a navigation that lasts approximately 2 hours. This excursion includes full equipment.

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An unforgettable trip, discover in this adventure the wonders of paddling with the humpback whales south of Punta Arenas, you cannot miss this experience.


Dolphin Sightings

South of Punta Arenas in the area of Agua Fresca we will embark on a wonderful adventure that you will not forget, we will enjoy the company of the Southern Dolphin, this animal will accompany us on this journey and we can observe their behavior in the cold waters of the Strait of Magellan.

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Do this trekking Mount Tarn and know the route made by Darwin, besides marveling at the landscape and flora of the Chilean Patagonia.
Mount Tarn is located at the southern tip of the Brunswick peninsula.

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