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Mountain Channel

The route contemplates crossing from Puerto Natales in the direction of Paso White, navigating the Almirante Montt Gulf, a section that is the continuation of Canal Valdés, the gateway to Paso Kirke and which will be our return route. The access through the White pass will take us through the Santa María Channel in front of the imposing cliffs of the Cordillera Riesco and that after almost 03 hours of travel will allow us to observe in the distance, the mythical Mount Burney (1,520 masl), a stratum Passive volcano covered in ice located on the Sarmiento Peninsula, 200 km from Punta Arenas and 90 km from Puerto Natales.
The five glaciers that make up the main structure of the Fjord of the Mountains break off from the Cordillera Sarmiento. From south to north are the Zamudio, Bernal, Herman, Alsina and Paredes glaciers.

▪ Almirante Montt Gulf
▪ Paso White and Canal Santa María
▪ Mount Burney (volcanic layer with 1520 masl) ▪ Cordillera Sarmiento
▪ Zamudio Glacier
▪ Bernal Glacier
▪ Herman Glacier
▪ Alsina Glacier
▪ Rock Peninsula
▪ La Paz Group Hill or Devil's Teeth
▪ Kirke Pass and Canal Valdés




  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to weather conditions.


  • 10 a.m. about.

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