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Mercedes Stay

A family of Spanish descendants, pioneers who arrived in Patagonia in 1902, invite us to enjoy Estancia Mercedes, a magical place that will invade you with unique and wonderful experiences.

It has 13 thousand hectares, where it will take you to discover amazing places and you will be able to test your physical condition and at the same time feel alone in the immensity of the virgin nature of our home.

In this wonderful place we will have the alternatives to choose between Horseback Riding or Trekking among the options that will give us multiple adventure alternatives that will lead us to have the best experience in Patagonia.


1. El Canto de los Turbales Waterfall
Duration: 3 hours round trip. 
2. Beach parade mercedes 


3. Tourism with magnifying glass to waterfall

The Song of LosTurbales.

4. Tourism with a magnifying glass viewpoint of the gulf.


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to weather conditions


  • 4 hours about.

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