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Full in Estancia La Peninsula

Estancia La Península is one of the most beautiful estancias in Patagonia thanks to its incredible surrounding nature. It is only accessible by boat, which makes the ranch a peaceful place for visitors and animals. Having both the sea and the land we have a great diversity of flora and fauna. We invite you to live and learn what life is like in a Patagonian ranch. Have a unique and authentic experience being part of our vision of sustainable tourism. We offer four activities: Horseback riding: Our white Creole horses, of the Patagonian breed, will take you safely through our environment to explore our diverse vegetation such as the pampas, the lenga forest and the coast of the Señoret channel. This ride will take us to the viewpoint of the Balmaceda glacier. Before returning we will enjoy bird watching along the coast. Duration: 2 hr app 4x4 off Road: From the ranch we go to one of the summits of Cerro Ballena. During the first part of the route we will cross a typical ñirre forest where a great variety of birds and rabbits live. Then we will pass through another type of forest where coique, canelo and chaura, a bush that predominates on the ground. We continue to the top of the hill where you will have an incredible 360 degree view of the fjords and mountain ranges and some fossil records. Duration: 1:45 app Guided walk and bird watching: We walk along the coast where we will observe the diversity of wildlife. You can see birds such as flamingos, cygnes, eagles among others. On the way to the viewpoint of the Balmaceda glacier, the guide will explain about the flora, fauna and history of the place. Relaxation time in the ranch: If you just want to relax, read a book or just walk around our ranch visiting the stables or shearing shed, you can have it as an option, take photos of our wild animals and birds.


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to weather conditions.




  • 7 hrs. about.

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