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Balmaceda and Serrano

We will begin our adventure heading to the Pier in the Bories sector, there we will embark on a New Catamaran that will take us through Seno de Ultima Esperanza to the magnificent Balmaceda & Serrano mountain glaciers. The first glacier that we will see will be the Balmaceda, which hangs down from the Mount that bears the same name and has the peculiarity that it has had a notable retreat to the point that it is said that ten years ago the ice fall reached the water level. We walk in a quiet walk of 15 minutes approx. the edge of a lake formed by the melting of this mountain glacier appreciating the different shapes and shades of the floating icebergs of the Serrano Glacier until reaching the foot of its imposing front wall.  We will enjoy an Appetizer with Ancient Ice and have lunch in a Typical Patagonian Estancia.

Includes entrance to Bernardo Ohiggins National Park.

Lunch at Estancia Perales.

Transportation in/out hotel dock.


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to confirmation according to date of travel.



  • 9 a.m. about.

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