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Horseback riding in Patagonia

Pingo Salvaje is located on Route 9 North that connects Puerto Natales with Cerro Castillo and Laguna Sofía. It is accessed from Km. 26 of Route 9 North (from Puerto Natales) continuing along a dirt road at a distance of 6 km until reaching the ranch, a total of 32 km.
We provide ourselves with nature and it is simple: the water we drink comes from a waterfall that feeds Laguna Sofía, from this waterfall we obtain hydraulic energy, from fallen trees we recycle firewood that gives us warmth, we raise happy chickens that provide us with eggs, vegetables from a small orchard and fill our lungs with the cleanest air in the world. Internet connectivity is poor, we are surrounded by mountains, birds, flowers, trees, caves, etc. and in its center a paleolake.



  • Monday to Sunday




  • 4 hrs. about.

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