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Complete Circuit

The O Circuit, or also called Paine Grande Circuit, covers all the fantastic places of the famous W Circuit and then takes you to a higher level. This circuit adds all the wonders that the north side of the park has to offer so that you will have a full appreciation of Torres del Paine. With very few hikers, peace, calm and serenity are felt more than ever in the mountain breeze.

Although the W Circuit packages can include nights in shelters, in the section that adds the O Circuit you can only camp. The intense connection with nature during these days will give you moments, wild lands and sublime photographs that few people have the privilege of appreciating. Some of the highlights include passing through daisy fields, crossing rivers, and ascending the amazing John Garner Pass.

This extreme circuit gets its name from the way it "closes" the W if you look at it from a map, allowing you to see the entire Torres del Paine National Park. This trek will test your limits, but the self-satisfaction and the impact experienced on the ground will undoubtedly make it all worthwhile.


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to confirmation according to travel date.




  • 8-day trekking circuit

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