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In Search of Baguales Horses

Guided trekking from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the location of the herd, which will be located by satellite before starting the service, which begins at the Laguna Azul nursery. From this place, we transfer our clients in a 4x4 Van to the Baguales Post, after an estimated journey of 20 min. where the induction in safety regulations, sighting procedures, daily objective of the investigation and delivery of equipment for the observation of horses is carried out. Also, they are trained in basic notions of radio telemetry, in order to identify the current position of the herd and, therefore, establish the approach strategy. The trek from the Baguales post to the Stokes viewpoint has an estimated duration of 1 hour, through a plain that is easy to move around. During this period, we deliver relevant scientific and empirical information regarding the ecology of the sector; in addition to monitoring the movement of the horses with our yagi antenna (radio telemetry). Upon arrival at your destination, you will be able to see a beautiful panoramic view that includes the northern slopes of Sierra Masle, Stokes Lagoon in its entirety, and the Dickson Range. In addition, it is in this place where the greatest frequency of sightings of the herd is concentrated. If the above materializes, the observations will begin under the study objective of that day, with the shelter and protection of mobile shelters, which will offer greater comfort to the observers. 


  • Monday to Sunday

  • Departure subject to confirmation according to date of travel.


  • 10 hrs. about.

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