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Puerto Natales, capital of the Ultima Esperanza province , founded in 1911 and located at the edge of the Señoret channel in front of the Patagonian Andes mountain, is the center of the intensive farming area and during the summer is the turistic capital of chilean Patagonia because this city is very close to the Torres del Paine National Park, in your tour you will visit Puerto Bories, a place that brings the history of the industry of sheep from the eighteenth century in southern land, highlighted in its facilities, the Fridge ,and the garage of the locomotives. " the entry to the Historical and Industrial museum Puerto Bories is included.
  Navigation to Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers > Puerto Natales
Sailing to the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers, spectacular journey to the Bernardo O 'Higgins national park the largest in the Republic of Chile, in its way, you can enjoy an environment surrounded by hills and forests, marine wolves romping in the rocky and hundreds of cormorants venting their wings. Arriving to Puerto Toro be landed for a little walk through a forest to reach the foot of the Serrano Glacier. Appetizers include: Whisky with ice glacier + 02 Snack en route. Tonina The boat has two types of accommodations: Standard room with a capacity of 36 seats and VIP room with a capacity of 16 seats.
  Navigation to Torres del Paine > Puerto Natales
The nautic way to the Torres del Paine National Park, sailing through the Ultima Esperanza/ last hope)Fjord where you can see beautiful mountains, waterfalls and Patagonian avifauna, arriving to Puerto Toro you will do a walking to the foot of the Serrano Glacier . Later there will be a patagonian lunch in Monte Balmaceda hostel in order to continue through the Serrano river to Torres del Paine National Park. On your way you can see the spectacular Paine mountain and abundant flora and fauna.
  Torres del Paine by FIRST CLASS > Puerto Natales
Depart from your Hotel in Puerto Natales for the Torres del Paine National Park, Biosphere Reserve and main attractions of Chilean Patagonia, is home to a variety of natural environments: the Cordillera Paine, where the highest mountain "El Grande Paine "," The Horns of Paine "and the mythical" Torres del Paine ", rivers, lakes, waterfalls and glaciers belonging to the Great Southern Ice Field with one important wildlife. En route we will visit the Milodon Cave, where he lived Monument prehistoric animal called a "Milodon". This tour is conducted with a maximum of 10 passengers with bilingual guide English - Spanish, ticket Includes entry to the Milodon Cave National Park, provides a snack on board and accident insurance for passengers.
  Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina > Puerto Natales
Perito Moreno Glacier is located into Los Glaciares Park and is considered as a World Heritage Site by Uunesco , the Southern Ice Field extends over the southern arm of Argentino lake , it has a wall of 5-kilometers of long and sixty meters of high . It is one of the largest glaciers in the world and has been considered the eighth wonder because the spectacular views that it offers. The passenger must pay directly its entrance fee ($ 10) and food service ($ 18).
  El Palenque Farm Ranch > Puerto Natales
El Palenque farm, located 20 kilometers from the city of Puerto Natales belongs to a tipycal cattle farming in chilean Patagonia . where they keep llamas and alpacas, they offer the chance to enjoy a tasty Magellanic lunch in a grilled that is aconditioned for 70 people . Passengers in their trip could visit the different facilities and enjoy the "Sheep Shearing" activity done by skilled gauchos from this area. Includes the famous "roast lamb" and "Barbecue" with natural potatoes, variety of salads, desserts and drinks.
  Cabalgata al Mirador Cerro Dorotea > Puerto Natales
Horse ride to the Mirador del Cerro Dorotea, at an altitude of 800 Mts. above sea level, you can marvel at a spectacular panoramic view of Puerto Natales and surroundings, Last Hope Inlet, Glacier Balmaceda Channel Mountains, among others.
  Horseback ride to Cueva del Milodon > Puerto Natales
The Ride to the milodon Cave begins at Estancia Puerto Consuelo, which was the first cattle farming established in the area in 1893 by Eberhard´s family from there crossing the steppe you arrive to the natural Monument Milodon Cave where you will visit the main cave and its surroundings. Includes an optional breakfast local cakes, toast, coffee, tea or a lunch with meats and local vegetables, wine or drink, dessert, coffee or herbal tea.
  Horseback ride to Puerto Consuelo > Puerto Natales
Puerto consuelo farm located 20 minutes from the city of Puerto Natales on the shores of Eberhard´s fjord, which was the first cattle farming established in the area in 1893 by Eberhard´s family from germany , from there started the colonization of the ultima esperanza province in the Magallanes and antartica chilena region. On their lands you will enjoy spectacular scenery, as well as for those who love wildlife, abundant flora and fauna.

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